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26th February 2024

"Volunteer Communications Manager"

Volunteer Communications Manager required

Clevedon Rugby Club is seeking a dedicated and passionate individual to serve as a Volunteer Communications Manager, with a primary focus on managing our website and social media platforms.

As a crucial member of our team, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing the club’s online presence, engaging with our community, and promoting our activities and events.


Website Management:

Maintain and update the Clevedon Rugby Club website with relevant news, events, match reports, and other club-related content.

Social Media Coordination:

Oversee the club’s presence on various social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Regularly post updates, photos, videos, and interact with followers to enhance engagement.

Content Creation:

Develop compelling and creative content for both the website and social media channels to showcase the club’s activities, achievements, and community involvement.

Promotion and Marketing:

Work closely with the club’s marketing team to promote upcoming events, matches, and initiatives through digital channels effectively.

Community Engagement:

Foster a sense of community among club members, supporters, and followers by actively engaging with them online, responding to inquiries, and encouraging participation.


This is a voluntary position requiring a commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per week. The Communications Manager will work closely with the club’s executive committee and other volunteers to support the overall objectives of Clevedon Rugby Club.

If you’re passionate about rugby and eager to contribute your communication skills to support a thriving community club, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding volunteer opportunity!


Contact Neil Tucker at 07751 916454 or email for more information.

Six Nations 2024 Round 3

26th February 2024

"Round 3 completed... "

Six Nations 2024 Round 3 results

There are now 15 people with 8 out of 9 results correct so far and we have a new leader in Christine Adams.

The results can be found here or from the image.

Cheers, Weave & Crunch

This Week @ 'The Vale'

22nd February 2024

"Live on the BIG SCREEN"

Six Nations Kitchen

We will be serving a selection of food throughout the afternoon while you watch both Six Nations matches.

There will be no rugby at The Vale this week for obvious reasons and the school is not an option either, although this will be confirmed by the Clevedon groundsman soon.


See you all in the clubhouse.

The Vale is still flooded

Clevedon 15 Old Reds II 45

20th February 2024

"An early kick off"

AC: Charles Tucker opens the scoring

After a bright and energetic start to this game, Clevedon succumbed to the well organised Old Reds back division. Training with their first team mates has given them a cohesion that Clevedon found hard to contain.

However, the Clevedon forwards just about won the grunt and shunt aspect of the game with their two tries being scored by Charlie Tucker.

When Clevedon did get a sniff of the Old Reds try line they stepped up a gear and looked dominant.

Unfortunately, with the Reds backline in "get it wide " mode, Clevedon were hardly in the Reds Red Zone and as for going wide, well, let's just say they couldn't because of the smothering OR defence.

KW: Charles Tucker scores his second...


It's a sad fact of life that in this league with three second teams, some teams will get the occasional win, as Clevedon did earlier in the season, but will be up against it most of the time.

When the season shakes out, Longlevens should get promotion, although they have a tough run in, N&B are in with a shout as well. The rest of the league will be queueing up behind the second teams.

AND... next season, it could be that this league will see the addition of two more second teams, which will highlight the farcical situation that a team (hypothetically) finishing 6th (after all the second teams) will get promotion! How does that help and encourage more players to play, eh?

There is one positive thing about this and it is the experience of playing against better sides, which will hopefully improve a team (rather than demoralise them) and ready them should promotion beckon.

Next week, the firsts will be having a rest before travelling away to Bridgwater & Albion the following week.

Clevedon II 28 Old Reds III 19

20th February 2024

"A decent win!"

Kippy scores...

Clevedon seconds followed on from the first team game and were keen to avoid an Old Reds double.

Clevedon's team consisted of inexperience, youth, and guile with evergreen prop Ben Stone providing plenty this, especially when play went up the hill. He was aided and abetted by another evergreen mate Bertie Bassett, in the centre, who had a spectacular header deemed as a knock on, knock out more like!

The whole game ebbed and flowed with Clevedon defending their line with vim and vigour and held on for a very satisfying and decent win.

The experienced refereeing of veteran "Smudger" Smith helped with the ebb and flow of the game over the increasingly heavy school pitch.

He said in the bar afterwards that "had I known it was at the school, I wouldn't have volunteered!". We're glad that you did Smudge as you didn't take any nonsense on the pitch and allowed the the players to express themselves.

You're welcome back anytime 😉

Next week, the seconds have a catchup game against Bristol Harlequins at home. The kick off time is likely to be at 14:00 due to the internationals on telly. Watch this space though.

Annual Awards Celebration

20th January 2024

"Dinner, Dance and Awards Night"

Dinner, Dance, Awards Night

Tickets are on sale now for this season's Annual Presentation and Dinner Dance on Friday, 31st May 2024. Log on to the Pitchero link below and get yours now !

This is a whole club event so members, players and supporters are all welcome to help us celebrate the season (adults only).

If you don't want to miss out, please get your tickets early!

This Week @ 'The Vale'

16th February 2024

"Déjà Vu... AGAIN!😉"

Two for the price of one, again !

Two for the price of one - AGAIN!

This week at The Vale we have two home games and it's back to school for us all - AGAIN!!

Both are against Old Reds with the first team kicking off at 13:00 and the second team kicking off at 14:30.

See you there.

Six Nations 2024 Round 2

11th February 2024

"Round 2 completed... "

Six Nations 2024 Round 2 results

There are now 40 people with all six results correct so far and as explained last week, Tucks remains at the top.

The results can be found here or from the image.

Cheers, Weave & Crunch

The Vale Swamp

12th February 2024

"If there were any doubts... "

Swamp conditions at The Vale...Swamp conditions at The Vale...

In case anyone thought we could play at The Vale, then hopefully these Sunday morning pics will change your minds! A twitcher's paradise.

Papa Johns Community Cup

12th February 2024

"Clevedon draw Frome at home"

Papa Johns Community Cup

The first round of the "Papa Johns Community Cup Counties 1 South Plate" (a mouthful, just like their pizzas) is against Frome.

They are currently lying forth in their equivalent league, so it should be a good contest.

Hopefully, the swamp will have drained by then!

Clevedon II 59 Chipping Sodbury 15

12th February 2024

"Clevedon run wild"

The decision to play home games at the school isn't taken lighlty. This was a catch-up week for both teams and it was fortunate that the rain had stopped the day before and long enough for the school pitch to dry out.

Our Bri scores a cracker...

The mole hills were flattened and the pitch made ready for the 13:00 kick off - a long old day for some!

Chipping Sodbury were told that the game was at the school and adjusted their visit accordingly. They had changed at their club and travelled in their kit, ready to go.

The game kicked off in sunny and warm conditions with everyone keen to see a live match before the internationals on telly.

The half time score of 24 - 10 just about reflected this close game with Clevedon edging it through their forwards.

Our Bri scores a cracker...

Playing towards the school and up the slope, Clevedon gained the upper hand and allowed Sodbury a solitary unconverted try in the second half, while scoring 35 more points of their own to win 59 - 15.

After the handshakes and tunnel rituals were over, Chipping Sodbury got back on the motorway and headed back home. It must be a first! They didn't go anywhere near the clubhouse, showers or bar, which in the circmstances made sense.

Good luck to them for the rest of the season, but I think they've resigned themselves to being relegated in order to rebuild and to escape the farcical situation in this league that will soon see a half a dozen second XV teams.

Tries: B Largenton (2),M Fisher (2),R Mcguigan (2),F Cole,C Tucker. Conversions: E Thomas (8). Penalties: E Thomas

Weaves' photos are here.

Clevedon II 28 Oldfield Old Boys II 28

12th February 2024

"The late, late show... "

After the first team curtain raiser that saw them triumph over Chipping Sodbury, the second team had to wait...

... and wait, and wait for Oldfield to turn up.

There had been an accident on the M4/M5 junction that delayed them for well over an hour. They finally arrived at around 15:30 with everyone wondering if there would be enough daylight left to finish the game.

Wozza scores the equaliser...

No time for them to change at the club, instead they changed beside their minibus on the school playing fields. Thankfully, it was sunny and dry. Their usual pre-match routines went out the window and their warmup was the run over from Holly Lane.

Meanwhile, back on the pitch the Clevedon second team were kicking their heels, as the sun began it's descent over the hill. You can only do so much pre-match warmup stuff before it gets tedious. It also didn't help that this game should've been done and dusted well before the England Wales match.

The game eventually kicked off around 15:40 and Oldfield, playing towards the school, started very brightly. They ran a stiff and cold Clevedon the around the school pitch for a deserved 7 - 21 half time lead.

Oli Jones scores...

With the sun setting and the temperature plummeting, Clevedon awoke from their lethargy and camped in Oldfield's 22 for most of the second half and levelled the scores at 21 -21.

With the daylight disappearing and only 4 or 5 minutes left, Oldfield broke out of their half to score a converted try for a 28-21 lead.

They thought that was the winner, but Clevedon, straight from the restart, had other ideas. They rampaged towards Oldfield's line and in the last minute, Oli Jones beefed his way over for a try, 26 - 28.

Archie Birkbeck had the fate of the game in his hands...

With the clock in the red and the conversion wide out, flyhalf Archie Birkbeck had the fate of the game in his hands. He went through his meticulous kicking routine and the ball sailed between the posts towards the darkening skies for an unlikely draw.

Game over at 17:00ish !!

This Week @ 'The Vale'

9th February 2024

"Back to School"

Two for the price of one !

Two for the price of one !

This week at The Vale we have two home games and it's back to school for us all !!

Due to the Vale being rather wet, both games will be played at the 'Holly Lane Stadium'.

So let's see you all up there supporting the players.

The first team kick off is at 13:00 and the second team kick off is at 14:30.

Then, it's all back to the club for the Six Nations while enjoying some beer, food and unrivalled clubhouse excitement.

🏉 🎆

Six Nations 2024 Round 1

4th February 2024

"The results are in!"

Six Nations 2024 Round 1 results

Thank you to everyone that has entered this year's Six Nations prediction competition.

After typing in 236 prediction entries, we can reveal that there are 57 people with all three results correct so far - are you one of them?

The positions have been determined, firstly by the number of wins and secondly by the individual tie-breaker points difference that is closest to the running tie-breaker total.

For example, in Neil Tucker's case his tie-break number is 595. The running total tie-break number is 159. Therefore, 595 minus 159 equals 436, which is the lowest and closest of the 57 people with 3 wins to the running total. Clear as mud, don't you think?

If you have any queries or think your entry is incorrect, please make yourself known to us and we'll endeavour to sort it out.

The results can be found here or from the image.

Cheers, Weave & Crunch

Annual Awards Celebration

11th January 2024

"Dinner, Dance and Awards Night"

Dinner, Dance, Awards Night

Tickets are on sale now for this season's Annual Presentation and Dinner Dance on Friday, 31st May 2024. Log on to the Pitchero link below and get yours now !

This is a whole club event so members, players and supporters are all welcome to help us celebrate the season (adults only).

If you don't want to miss out, please get your tickets early!

Clevedon II 29 Imperial II 0

4th February 2024

"Clevedon win in the mizzle"

With the first team watching from the sidelines after they were given an away walkover by Barton Hill, the seconds produced some magical moments and some not so magical moments.

The drizzly mizzly accounted for a lot of the handling errors and those watching were entertained with some of the more comical ones.

Nevertheless, Clevedon won and the revival continues...

Next Week, there are two home games. The firsts are playing Chipping Sodbury and the seconds are playing Oldfield Old Boys. Both games are likely to kick off at 14:00. Watch this space.