Clevedon 23 Avonmouth 23

11th October 2014

Team: J.Morton, O.James, A.Vailes, M.Taylor, J.O'Connor, T.Thie, J.Tucker, B.Largenton, J.Williams, A.Giltrow, W.Trollop, R.Crymble, H.Foley, H.Russell(c), A.Davis. Replacements: O.Biggins, A.Dauncey, J.Haliburton.

Kevin Weaver: Trolls try terrific...







Next Saturday, Clevedon are playing Bideford away with the coach leaving at 11:00 for a nice trip to the seaside.

Thornbury 14 Clevedon 10

4th October 2014

Team: T.Thie, O.James, D.Isaacs, M.Taylor, R.Haines, W.Carpenter(c), A.Vailes, B.Largenton, J.Williams, B.Bosley, A.Giltrow, R.Crymble, H.Foley, C.Warren, A.Davis. Replacements:W.Trollop, J.Shepherd, M.Lowis.

Alan Crane: Taylor starts his personal points fest...

The visit of Clevedon emptied the Thornbury high street of shoppers, who came to watch their exciting brand of rugby. They weren't disappointed either, as Clevedon gave the home side a torid time in the first half with some scintillating rugby. Unfortunately, the only managed 7 points for all their fine efforts due to some stern Thornbury defence.

The second half must've upset the shoppers as Clevedon let their dominance slip twice during the second half to give them the 14 points they needed to win.

Clevedon travelled with a sizeable contingent of their own supporters. The OAP Jacketeers were joined by the hairy bikers and an assorted mixture of former players. All of them had one thing in commo, despite their cultural differences,which was to see their team win away for the first time this season.

At the final whistle, with pain etched on their faces, they trudged to the bar for a teary pint before their journey home. Still there's always next week to look forward to.

View Thornbury report here.

Next Saturday, Clevedon are playing Avonmouth at home with the Vice Presidents' lunch at 14:00 and the kick off at 15:00.

Clevedon 11 St Austell 5

27th September 2014

Team: T.Thie, O.James, M.Taylor, A.Vailes, R.Haines, W.Carpenter(c), J.Tucker, B.Largenton, J.Williams, B.Bosley, A.Giltrow, R.Crymble, H.Foley, H.Russell, A.Davis. Replacements:W.Trollop, C.Warren, D.Jones.

Kevin Weaver: Haines scores the winning try...

The meeting of the Clevedon and Snostell blazers saw another close encounter between their teams.

This game only had two tries, but more excitement than the Blazeteers could cope with. They huddled together in little groups around the pitch, trying to keep one another upbeat about the outcome of the game, but with a man like Pottsy in their midst, they were fighting an uphill battle.

The Cobweb Corner chieftain chose to stay with his lovely wife and fortunately remained impervious to the Pottsy doom mongering.

However, there was one moment of angst for him and it came out of the blue.

The culprit should've known better given his military background, but shockingly chose to address the Chiefess as "Roothie". There was uproar and for a moment, the former RM feared for his life. "My name is Ruth and don't you forget it" she said and received such a grovelling apology that she had drag him off his knees to buy her a drink.

Those that saw this incident will never forget it, especially after the Chief remarked "Now you know why I drink so much" and was immediately put in his place by she-who-must-be-obeyed.

An exciting and well won game for Clevedon and thoroughly entertaining off it.

Next week, Clevedon are away to Thornbury for 15:00 kick-off. Blazers are compulsory for those that have them.